Monday, 8 December 2008

Sharing Warmth

It's time for some warmth in the Northern countries, can you feel it?
And now, another year almost over, I take the opportunity to thank you all for your nice and encouraging words, for your interest, for sharing a little piece of your life but above all for giving YOUR warmth the last two years. Special thanks to Nihal for the beautiful "give away", click the picture and read about it or/and have a look at her interesting blog "Crossroads".


happyone said...

Oh that looks so nice and warm.
I always look forward to your pictures - Thank You for all of them.

Leni Qinan said...

First and foremost, congrats on that beautiful little something that Nihal gave you. It's a well deserved award. I visited her blog and it's very sweet. I'm sure I'll be back there.

This is a very nice and warm fireplace, Dick. Actually, this blog radiates warmth and fiendliness and it's a wonderful place to drop round.

Don't think only the Northern countries need some warmth -we're having a polar cold wave in the South of Europe, winter is coming!-

Take care.

Donna said...

Has it been 2 years Already??!!! Your pictures are Always Gorgeous and your kindness is Always a welcomed sight! Happy Christmas Dick!hughugs

Ted Roth said...

Winter is here in New England. Thank you for radiating needed warmth and making beautiful pictures. I always enjoy stopping here.

Amrita said...

Thank you for the warmth and cheer

thyme said...

A very pretty picture, both of them!

Middle Ditch said...

And thank you, Dick, for supporting me. It was always great to see your comments there.

RuneE said...

Beautiful flames - I feel I need them at the moment. And thank YOU for sharing your pictures and life with us - and for all the nice comments.

Dina said...

OK Dick, but I hope our long and winding roads will cross again in blog land.
Thanks for all you have shared about yourself and lovely Texel.
Enjoy all that new non-blogging time you will now have.
All the very best to you!

happyone said...

I will sure miss your photos.
I hope you will be back again.
Remember when I tried to stop blogging? I only lasted a short time. :-)
Merry Christmas to you too.
Happyone :-)

Dick said...

Monique - I will take more time to listen to Middle Ditch.

Dina - I hope so too, thanks.

Happyone - Yes I remember that very well, it didn't last for a long time, lol , but right now I feel like a prisoner of my own life, I need to break out.

Amrita said...

Dear Dick, Sorry to say goodbye to you, but if you ever start blogging again do let me know.
I will always be your friend.

GMG said...

We'll miss you and your wonderful posts!

thyme said...

Mooie mist foto. Je zal zeker gemist worden, met zulke foto's hoef je niet elke dag te posten, een keer per maand .. of jaar ... is dan wel genoeg!

Nihal said...

Now I surprisingly understand that you are gone? Leaving us? Is this warm feeling;) I think a flash news that feels cold in the mid of winter,lol:)
It's been short time since I knew you, and sometimes I can even think of listening the world and resting. I hope you find a peace of mind and inspiration in all what you do.
All of my best wishes & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2009 to you and yours.

Donna said...

Well Darn!!! Such a lovely person you are...and now you're going. I shall miss the beauty that you brought into my life.
I will Never take pictures like yours but I'll keep trying!!!
Merry Christmas Dick...Much happiness to you and yours. I'll be putting your blog up with Jazzi's on my sidebar so that I can check on you...Who Knows? You May be back someday!! can only hope.....

ANNA-LYS said...

________________I Have
_______________Come Here
______________To Wish You
_____________Merry Christmas
____________And Also, A Happy
___________New Year To You For
__________2009... I Hope The New
_________Year Brings You Loads Of
________Happiness And Good Health.
______I Hope You Have A Nice Day On
_____Christmas Day, Filled With Lots Of
____Family Time.....And Of Course Eating
___Lots Of Nice Foods, And Candies. I Hope
__That Santa Is Good To You As Well And He
.Brings You Lots Of Presents On Christmas Day

april said...

It seems that you don't want the last misty (and wonderful) photo to be commented on. But - dear Dick - I can't leave your blog here without some words.

I will really miss your wonderful photos. But it's not about me but about you. I wish you all the best, that you and your dear ones are well and that everything will turn out to be OK for you. I very much hope to see you again some time here and I wish you a 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year'.

Nihal said...

As I have said you a short time ago, you already showed yourself being the best photo-blogger:)
I think you are at the crossroads to change your route, a need for 'change':)
It'd be either OK if you take place in the jury: to evaluate others' work:)

Whatever you do, I wish you the best. And, thanks for your continuous interest on reading my lines, my pleasure indeed to get your comments:)

Ted Roth said...

Dick - I can't tell you how disappointed I was to get here to discover you are ceasing your wonderful photos, but I understand how such things are. I'm hoping you'll find your way back and there will be more, but I wish you well wherever your path leads.

dot said...

Dick, I'm so sad to hear that you are quitting especially when you just encouraged me not to quit. I understand though. I hope you will stay in contact. You are my best blogging buddy!
I love the last picture you posted. It's one of your best.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks for your kindness, Dick. If you quit before I do, I will miss you, but don't let that be a reason to not go on with your life! You are a wonderful photographer and sensitive soul. Mary

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