Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Good business

I'm running out of photos so I have to search in my archive. This is on board the ferry to Texel, you can see the other ferry in the harbor. Everything needed on the island has to be transported by these ferries. The maximum load of this ship (Dokter Wagemaker) is 300 cars and 1750 passengers. click here to see the Wiki page. I'm a shareholder too, the value of my share was originally 2 euro ( guilder in those days ) but it's worth now 5000 euro. Good business. lol.

Viewed from the Texel side. The ferry departs each hour from Texel - Den Helder and when there is a lot of traffic ( in the tourist season ) both ferries are operational and you can go each half hour. Good for you to know in case you would like to visit me, hahaha.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Meeting on the Beach

I had a nice walk on the beach and was turning into the dunes and there I saw this little fellow. As soon as my shadow felt over him his tail went up and he stood still. I had to get my camera real close but he didn't move, thanks for that. The first photo is out of focus but I want you to see it anyway, the other picture is better but it's not a great position. lol.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Fly to your meal

Imagine you have the size of an insect and a nice pair of wings, flying to your meal this might be what you see. I do not know the name of this flower, maybe you do?
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